15 Coolest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2022-2023

15 Coolest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2022-2023

Electric Cars are getting more and more popular. In some countries that are developed by 2022, electric vehicles are more popular than gas-powered vehicles. This indicates that consumers are becoming increasingly curious about the upcoming electric vehicles in 2022.

In this post we will show you all confirmed electric vehicles that are coming in 2022 and 2023.



Mercedes-Benz EQE belongs to the e-class size, which moves it to the mid-size category, and its length is expected to be 4991 millimeters or 196.5 inches.

It will ride on the company’s MEA platform, which has an architecture similar to a skateboard. The powertrain is the same as that of the EQC in generating output. It will work on two electric motors expected to produce 400 horsepower output. The vehicle has a battery capacity of 93.2-kilowatt hours, producing an estimated driving range of 300 miles per charge. This lightweight vehicle’s shape is excellently designed for better control over aerodynamics.

The bluish exterior design is quite appealing, and the high-tech interior is fully equipped with outstanding features like a Mbox infotainment system, heated and ventilated seats, a head-up display, a fully digital gauge cluster, personalized ambient interior lighting, and a wireless charging facility, the starting price of Mercedes-Benz EQE may sit at $65000.


The revitalized sub-brand of general motors GMC has announced its revival in 2022. It has launched its first pickup truck that will become available in the market in four trims; hopefully, this beast-looking GMC hummer pickup is equipped with three electric motors that will generate a combined output of 1000 horsepower. 

The truck will use Ultium battery technology, which is expected to provide an estimated range of 350 miles over a one-time charge. Some desirable features include a power operated to no-cover removable roof panels, supercruise semi-autonomous driving mode, a four-wheel steering feature, and adjustable air suspension. The roomy interior has a large infotainment touchscreen with gm’s OnStar telematics system. The starting price of a GMC hummer pickup will be above one hundred thousand dollars.


The Japanese automaker Subaru teamed up with Toyota to build this electric compact crossover. Subaru Solterra will feature the standard configuration of AWD layout that will go on sale in 2022 as a 2023 model. It will share some features with the Toyota bz4x visually and mechanically.

But the company has not revealed this much info about the performance powertrain or interior. The photos revealed that it features a large infotainment system, a freestanding digital gauge, and a high center console. Subaru is new, but Toyota has gained much experience with electrification.

So we can expect a good performance figure and a robust drive train. Too Solterra has a unique and phonetically pleasing name and is expected to contain some subtle styling motifs the price of Subaru Solterra may start at 30 thousand dollars.

4. Kia EV6

Kia ev6 Kia’s first fully electric vehicle Kia ev6 is the only electric vehicle equipped with a performance-oriented powertrain option. This crossover is built on the same platform as Hyundai Ioniq 5, i.e., an electric global modular platform. The electric powertrain can generate a power output of between 170 and 576 horsepower. The 800-volt battery architecture combines several electric motors to create 300 miles of driving range.

Kia provided both rear and all-wheel drive configurations and two battery sizes, i.e., 58 kilowatt and 77-kilowatt hours. Kia ev6 has a sleek exterior with assertive sheet metal and a tempting interior with modern niceties like a two-spoke steering wheel, a digitized dashboard, a flat floor upscaled center console, and ample storage spaces. Starting price of its base variant may sit at $45600.

5. Rivian R1s

Michigan’s new EV manufacturer Rivian is going to make its second electric vehicle by 2022 Rivian r1s shares many features with the first production vehicle of Rivian, which is a pickup truck r1s is an SUV with the capacity to accommodate seven passengers still its price is less than tesla model x the all-wheel drive vehicle can drive to 250-300 or 400 miles of range.

When connected with 105, 135 or 180-kilowatt-hour battery packs, four electric motors are fitted with each axle, making it a robust off-roader. The fancy exterior has power to no cover a 12 cubic foot trunk, a panoramic glass roof, an onboard air compressor underbody protection, a split gate, and a 1000 lumen flashlight in the driver’s door.

The upscaled cabin is spacious and contemporary and has a large cargo area. The uncomplicated infotainment touchscreen is horizontally mounted over the dashboard and displays a large driver’s gauge. The price may start at seventy-seven thousand five hundred dollars in 2022.


Volkswagen has announced plans to launch its new all-electric vehicle, the Volkswagen id5, in November 2021. The vehicle will become available in 2022 and in two variants, id5 and ID5 GTX. The Volkswagen id5 has a single electric motor with an RWD configuration, claiming to provide 335 miles of range.

While the other sportier variant, id5 GTX, has two motors with an AWD layout and vowed to achieve a range of 308 miles, the Volkswagen CEO vows to provide an elegance of flowing coupe lines in the coming years.

The id5 GTX variant will be the first SUV with an elegant design and powerful drivetrain based on the modular electric drive matrix web platform. It is fitted with car 2x technology and will receive over-the-air updates for id5 coupe looks thanks to the dramatically angled hatch, a lower roofline, and a flatter rear deck. A curvier glass house, the id5 will rival the Nissan aria and the tesla model, y the starting price of the id5 will sit at forty-six thousand four hundred and thirty dollars.


Toyota is ready to return to the EV world with the Toyota bz4x crossover. This non-luxurious SUV will hit the Toyota showrooms in 2022 and join the world’s non-luxury EV lineup. It will be an all-new vehicle presented in three trims, among which a front-wheel mounted single motor setup and the all-wheel drive configuration with dual motor layout are also available. The RWD setup offers a 201 horsepower output. In comparison, the AWD layout boasts an output of 215 horsepower, and a battery pack of 64-kilowatt hours capacity will likely deliver an estimated driving range of 230 miles in the RWD model.

In contrast, this range drops to about 200 miles in the AWD variant. The spacious cabin looks similar to the Rav4 featuring a large infotainment screen, a digital gauge display, and a wide center console. It also offers a yoke-type steering wheel similar to the tesla model s. The price may start at $37000.


Ix is BMW’s first fully electric compact sports utility vehicle that will go on sale by 2022. The large and energy efficient 106.3- kilowatt-hour battery pack can provide an estimated driving range of 300 miles over a single charge; the battery can recharge to 80 in just 35 minutes.

BMW ix is available in two trims to drive 50 models run on two electric motors that provide a combined power of 516 horsepower. The other high-performance trim, named m60, provides plentiful power of 600 horsepower. The all-wheel-drive system is standard in both variants.

With an optional rear-wheel steering system and adjustable air suspension, this vehicle is lightweight due to plastic body panels made of carbon fibers. The high-tech interior is spacious and simply pleasing as it features high-tech features like a hexagonal-shaped steering wheel and a curved touchscreen front panel. It also requires a rare facet to have a panoramic sunroof with optional electrochromic shading. The price is $84195.


Genesis is going to add another electric model to its lineup by the year 2022 and will come alongside the gv60 vehicle genesis said that it will use the same platform in gb60 as used in the Kia ev6 and Hyundai ionic 5. It incorporates many styling elements similar to other genesis models. The company has replaced the brand’s trapezoidal grille design with a slimmer low grill on the front bumper. The vehicle will be offered in three different powertrain options.

The first will be a rear-wheel setup consisting of one 225 horsepower electric motor, the second being a 314 horsepower dual motor system attached with an all-wheel drive arrangement. The third one will come with a standard all-wheel drive. With two electric motors combined with 429 horsepower, the classy interior bears a large monolithic touchscreen on the dashboard, serving as an infotainment system and a gauge cluster. Other novel tech includes a facial recognition system and biometric tech. The starting price of genesis Gb 60 would be around $55000.


Cadillac has announced to set its first fully electric luxury vehicle on roads by the year 2022. It will go head-to-head with famous EVs like the jaguar i-pace, Audi e-Tron, and tesla model x. Cadillac EVs will ride on gm’s new ultimate battery architecture with a 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack offering a driving range of around 300 miles over a single charge. The sharp exterior styling and spacious cabin with modern niceties claim to provide a comfortable ride.

It will be available in two configurations rear wheel drive with one electric motor at the rear axle and all-wheel drive with two motors, one on each axle lyric can be charged on home power outlets and dc charging. This four-seater has plenty of space inside the cabin and is equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology for a compliant ride. The starting price for Cadillac lyric may sit at $59995


Ford has announced plans to launch a robust pickup truck by 2022. When it reaches the market, it won’t be the only pickup truck; instead, rivals like GMC hummer pickup and Rivian r1t pickup will give tough competition. Ford f-150 lightning shares a body frame with its gasoline f-150 vehicle. It features two electric motors mounted on each axle, providing a combined output of 426 horsepower with a short battery and 563 horsepower with a large battery and standard all-wheel drive configuration.

It has two battery options available one is the standard range battery capable of delivering 230 miles of driving range, and the other one, the extended range, will offer 300 miles of driving range over a single charge f-150 lightning can be charged at home via 110 and 220-volt outlets and also at public dc fast charging stations. Ford claims to get 80 percent charged in just 44 minutes. The starting price may sit at $42000.


Ioniq moniker has promised to launch a few new EVs in the coming years. Ionic 5 is the first all-electric crossover with a versatile design, modernized technology, impressive charging speed, and up-to-date features. It rides on the new EGMP electric global modular platform. The vehicle will be available in both rear and all-wheel drive configurations, with an estimated output of 215 and 315 horsepower, respectively. The driving range of ionic five is estimated to lie between 258 and 290 miles over a single charge of a large battery pack. 

The spacious, eco-friendly interior has a modernized dashboard and advanced voice recognition technology. Other features include:

  • Pop-up footrests.
  • A flat door.
  • A head-up display.
  • A reclining front seat.
  • Large cargo space has not been revealed yet.

Still, considering the price of Kona electric, the estimated price of ionic five may be around $45000.



Tesla will make a huge addition to its models when it starts making the Tesla cybertruck very soon. The mesmerizing pickup, similar to the ford f-150, is an all-electric light-duty pickup truck. It will rival riven ford and Bollinger once in the market tesla claims it to be a promising pickup truck due to the ultimate shaping of its loading bay and dual cab.

The captivating angular design of its stainless steel exterior gives it a clean, sleek look. The exterior metal sheet of the cyber truck is extremely durable, which renders it a highly protected pickup. The ultra-strong armored glass is bulletproof and provides ultimate passenger protection and damage tolerance.

The cabin has six seats, a 17-inch center display, a race car style steering yoke, and an exclusively designed dashboard. A digital rearview camera-based mirror cyber truck will be available in three configurations single RWD, dual AWD, or triple motors. With 250, 300, and 500 miles of driving range, there may be a solar roof option to add 15 miles of driving range. The price of variants of tesla trucks may range between $39900 – $69900.


Polestar brand will launch three new events in the future, one of which is polestar 3. the production will likely take place in a girl’s Chengdu plant in china. It is a unique coupe-like vehicle called p-519 that will rival the Audi e-Tron tesla model x and jaguar i-pace. This five-seat sports utility vehicle is based on the spa-2 platform and is expected to arrive in 2022.

The production of this third standalone model of the brand requires remodeling the s90 factory for spa2. It shares many features with the upcoming Volvo xc90 recharge and the Volvo xc100 recharge. This all-wheel drive has two electric motors likely to produce 558 horsepower and can travel 372 miles per single charge. It will feature streamlined self-driving ability with satisfactory safety technologies. The price may start at $39900.


The all-new electric edition in the lineup of Nissan company is the Nissan Ariya. The company differentiates its sporty look from rogue by having a low wide stance. A choice between 63-kilowatt and 87-kilowatt hours is given, with the larger providing an estimated driving range of 300 miles. The dual motor drivetrain will be available with front or all-wheel drive configurations.

The digitized dashboard’s smooth and sleek look complements the aria’s exterior design. The roomy interior has comfortable zero gravity seats, and a flat low floor area’s cabin is a nice place to enjoy driving as the heating and cooling system is synced with the driver’s charging and parking schedule.

It features pro pilot 2.0 to enjoy a hands-free driving system. The driver can park their car using their cell phone due to the pro pilot’s remote park system. This car is outstanding, but its price is even cheaper than its rivals. The starting price would be $40000

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