2023 Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Complete Review: Performance, Charging and Range Pricing and verdict

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Today, I have the Mercedes EQE 53 AMG for those in the US market. It’s going to be called the Mercedes EQE AMG and here in Europe, we have 53 models because there is also a 43 model, but this is the highest specification AMG. On the front, we can observe this AMG’s bold design with vertical fins, even though it’s an open grill that is part of the electric car this year in essence, the electric e-class version that is called the EQE AMG and in the lower portion, there is this striking style for the AMG again.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG driving REVIEW

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG in Spectral Blue Graphite Grey and Opalite White

This one here is brilliant blue, but we have other colors for you, for example, graphite gray or opal white also very interesting, and this one here with the vehicle color chrome-style will soon show you the differences to the night package as well. The digital light is also standard for the AMG versions of the EQE. This has a more elaborated high beam function, and in this driving review.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Length and wheels

We’ll also test the performance four meters 95 or 195 inches lengthier than the EQE, so to speak, the smaller brother of the Mercedes EQs, and in the AMG version, we have bigger wheels, 20 or 21 inches. These are the biggest 21 inches with really massive styling, also with a ring around optional carbon-ceramic brakes, a very coast intensive option, and here to this brilliant blue. I think that’s a perfect setup Thoma’s blue color.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Chrome vs Night package

Here on auto fuel with the chrome frames, it’s the most elegant styling, and in the night package, these would be blacked out. We have it here at the white or the Magno gray vehicle, and also, the mirror caps would come in black if you want the thinnest look in need. Other than that, the total styling is this one bow design like in the EQs looks like a raindrop technology-wise.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Air suspension and rear-axle steering

The air suspension is standard for the AMG model. and also, rear-axle steering is standard here, but in the normal eye, it would be 4.5 or 10 degrees in the opposite direction on the front wheels. The AMG version is limited to 3.6 degrees why mixed tires, so the rear tire here is wider than the front one in the rear 295 mil that’s very wide. Therefore the rear-axle steering is a little bit limited here in the AMG model that doesn’t need a disadvantage for agility and the turning circle inside the city still you will feel the effect of the rear-axle steering.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Rear styling

Clean styling in the rear light strip goes through AMG batching, and indeed I also heard some people talking while passing by here. People realize that this is an AMG model also; for example, with the sport accelerations in the lower part here, is this derived from a fake exhaust originally by the way it’s, you know, from a graphic, do you know? What I mean. Still, yeah, I think that’s fine then definitely as for the figures, very interesting.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Dynamic Plus package: acceleration and power figures

so there’s the so-called dynamic plus package, and this will reduce the acceleration figure from 3.5 to 3.3 seconds and also increase the top speed from 220 kilometers an hour to 240 kilometers an hour, so from 137 miles per hour to 150 miles per hour, the top power output then is yellow the figures now maximum of 687 horsepower and 1000 newton meters of torque during the race start with all the available boost will we try the race side later on.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Battery kWh and range in summer vs winter

Battery size is 91-kilowatt hours net, so you can at good summer temperature temperatures expect something 500 kilometers or 300 miles of range and winter temperatures because this does not have a heat pump neither does the EQs so than in the winter times you do lose the range and more like 400 kilometers or 250 miles or even less. I think they will retrofit a heat pump later for that model, recharging 11-kilowatt ac or 170-kilowatt dc max, but the charging curve is very well held so that you can do it some 10 to 80 state of charge in about 30 minutes.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Test consumption with agile driving

In advance, our test consumption for the day with agile driving is some 25 something kilowatt-hours more kilometers, so it’s like 40-kilowatt hours and 100 miles that are then indeed also less than 400 kilometers or less than 250 miles, so either winter time or performance driving then the range does drop of course, so it is not an efficiency monster that’s a vehicle here this EV.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Wiper fluid and HEPA filter

Let’s take it that way. Any other thing you can open here in the front is the wiper fluid box. Uh yeah, that’s interesting. They always say you cannot open the hood because they put the HEPA filter there. The HEPA filter.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG AWD Distribution

By the way, are an option and 4matic plus why is that well all we drive is in theory very flexible and variable you can put all the power to the front or the rear because you have two separate electric motors overdrive model of course; however the rear electric motor is stronger than the front one and also with the 53 model here they do use some different hardware.

So the 500 all-wheel-drive models the normal messages model has two electric motors already, and then there’s the 43 model at least in Europe that has the same hardware. Only the 53 model or the AMG model in the us does also have hardware changes to both electric motors and then overall, of course, more power, more boost.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Key fob and doors

We will experience very soon in the driving part Mr kaki with AMG batching then door handles here the flush style they come out and then when you close them they go in oh it also do you hear that it’s a start up or closing song from AMG let’s try it again.

Interesting; not sure if you can pick it up. The dog closing sound it’s quite solid, although it is frameless doors, and also, with dual installation, interior materials look fancy. You do have a lot of capacitive buttons hashtag capacitive vs. like here this is all capacitive. It’s just one button area. I’m not too fond of that, and these here do not move. They react on the steering, you know, adjustment, but they don’t move. That’s not that good. What’s cool is that they have a lot of great surface materials like high-grade leather red and also here in the top part.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Sports seats and steering wheel

Which has a kind of neoprene style this looks great and also feels very nicely indeed seats it’s very interesting it gets the sport seat form as standard and also for the European and also for us market that’s new now will be the tendency that you get micro-cut microfiber on the inside an article leatherette on the outside it will look similar just then with the microfiber on the inside, and this is also a great standard setup.

This is the optional animal skin pack. As for the steering wheel, this one has microfiber on the outside parts. If you want the car completely animal-free, you can go for the standard micro-cut seat and then pick it like this, but on the top side, there’s also one where you have carbon fiber. We can put it in an overlay.

So you can get this vehicle here, the Mercedes EQE 53 AMG. That’s cool then seating position so far it’s actually no you don’t have too much space in here also how the whole middle console is around you so if you compared for example to a Mercedes e-class the combustion engine brother then you do have more space in the e-class indeed I’m also quite sporty the car also sits five millimeters lower with that air suspension here in the AMG trim.

We’ll see later on while driving how it plays out with the comfort. It has been a problem recently with Mercedes models. No matter which EV or not for tall people, the seed ergonomics are not on point, so I would urge Mercedes engineers to work on the seed economics, especially if you’re a little bit taller, like one minus 89 or six for two and also the headroom that is left here does work Myeah not too plentiful. However, it’s still okay, and you can also get a panoramic roof here.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Interior overview with MBUX Hyperscreen

Image Credits: Mercedes-amg.com

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Interior overview super clean layout look at that and also the new materials here on the dashboard that looks super fancy and also the integration of the ambient lighting that’s one of my favorite features and also for example that when you put here the warmer temperature or, the colder temperature, it has this visualization that is just really awesome for some, it’s too much I love it indeed as for the screen setup this is the mbuxhyper screen it is an option also in the AMG version for the EQE.

Usually, you would start with this vertical screen layout here. Then you would have liked the element on the right side in the hyper screen you have then three screens screen screens also a passenger screen and this one is also wide and has this curved glass I would recommend the standard screen it looks cleaner to me it’s easier to control. Also, it was so expensive. The option here is 8000 euros or dollars, which is ridiculous; however, it has some interesting functionalities. Look at that. This one is also what you can get for a normal screen.

This camera views while you have GPS are running. You have some arrows here showing you where you need to go, right-left, straight, and so on. Behind that there’s the normal GPS which also has some, you know, decent responsiveness, huge screen indeed, and then you also have this main menu that looks like this.

You also have special AMG performance levels, for example, showing the energy flow. You also have different, you know, drive visualizations. Here you can see the front and the re-electric motor and where the battery is in the middle. It’s very interesting here also someone you know and in fact.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Driving modes and power output

The driving modes we select here at the steering wheel, and now it gets really interesting because depending on which driving mode we are in, it does change the power output to 50 or half in the snow mode, around 80 in the comfort mode, 90 in sport, and 100 in the sport plus mode however at any point no matter in which mode you are when you use the pin down really put it all the way pedal to the metal then you always get a hundred percent of power output and let’s take a look because meanwhile.

I also connect my smartphone. You can also use apple car play and auto wireless, or with wire, you can choose that this is then here how the map looks like in the google maps apple car play and this then is the apple car play integration over the screen the berm is a sound system and this one here does have a very cool sound very surround three-dimensional love that sound system indeed only thing is

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Volume control only capacitive

That you control the entertainment volume here, for example, at the steering wheel with the capacitive function, you know that’s the other way. Still, no real volume jog, and even that one in the middle console, even this one here, is why I touch, or you know, pressing that whole thing with the capacitive button. Am I too old school, or are you also missing a real button to control the volume?

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG steering wheel and recuperation modes

Steering wheel with a dual horizontal spoke AMG design that looks quite fancy. I love the size. You know it’s a compact steering wheel. It looks sporty like this very well to control the only thing once again and use the cruise control one-button design and capacitive while driving you to control that with swiping.

So it’s not ideal at all the shifting pedals are cool in this case; you control the recuperation modes with that when I have a startup of the vehicle for real, put in the driving mode, then I can switch here in the instruments left is going to strong recuperation right is normal rig operation no recuperation and intelligent healing, and that is very interesting.

I would recommend intelligent recuperation because when the car’s in front of you, it uses healing. When there’s nothing in front of you; it’s rolling to me; the good compromise, however, is when you do a startup here, when you shut down the vehicle, When you start again, it always resets to normal rig operation because they have to decide on one mode where all the homologation and testing cycles are being done. Yeah, that’s strange, but it also has to do with regulations.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Digital instruments & Head-up-Display (HUD)

when you take a closer look at the digital instruments, you have specific AMG super sport or also track pace design like this, but you can also pick the normal classic design like this or here understated even more reduced and also the full-screen map view that is of course also a helpful thing if you maybe don’t want to you know rely on the info on the head-up display.and the head-up display clear view and you

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Ambient lighting and MBUX voice control

Also, having some gps information in the line of sight is always very interesting. The different ambient lighting controls here. This is fancy indeed, either with unicolor or multicolor and so on and this energy shine is the adaptive thing, so you will see in the driving part that it kind of runs. I always call it circus mode, and what about the voice input? Hey Mercedes, how can I help? Does this car have steering wheel heating? I’m sorry, can you say that again? Please, does the vehicle have steering wheel heating?

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that now. That’s strange because, oh yeah, she did. Let’s try it again. What would you like to do to activate steering wheel heating? I’m sorry, this vehicle does not have steering wheel heating. There we go, thanks; at least we could find out by that; however, for the EQE, you can go for heated steel that does work.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Passenger screen

The passenger screen is only active when someone sits on that passenger side, by the way. Otherwise, it’s deactivated. It can also be used, for example, to watch youtube while driving then but just for the passenger, and the youtube video will be deactivated as soon as the driver is looking over.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Lower middle console

Middle console without high gloss black. I love that cool carbon fiber styling is the only thing that might be because of the very early build vehicle here; this is not the perfect panel gap here. Yeah, it’s a very german-ish thing, but um yeah, that’s why we’re here, so when you open that, you have USB-C connectors in the front inductive charging pad.

With this rubber mat that is always flying all over the place, cup holders here also not holding um heavy bottles tight when you put a small glass bottle in here it will still wobble around, so not happy with these cup holders you can however also completely remove them like this and then push them here.

It’s really funny for the kids to play around when we close this one. We also have here this typical middle console high-grade leather red good quality and this typical split opening with two more USB-c chargers in the lower part two more USB charges in this open area you can, for example, secure a notepad or something this by the way it says press a test wagon listen and repeat press the test wagon which is press test vehicle yeah german lessons for the day.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Rear seating

The rear seating area also has very nice materials here in the rear, so this looks and feels also really classy. Let’s also think about these high gloss black surfaces. When they’re really clean, they might look clean and nice then you know.

After some fingerprints or scratches might be something different here the rear seating error you already see that there won’t be too much space there overall of course also no difference here for the AMG version, let me get inside and see how that one plays out, so it is a full-size sedan; indeed, Lagrange-wise, it does work for five tall adults.

However, I’m not sure if you can see it on camera, but the angle is more like that I’m moving with the legs, so the rear bench is not that comfortable headroom. Wise, it does work, so yes, five tors work, but it’s not very comfortable here, and that’s the same also with the messages eqs if you compare there also to the Combustion engine brothers.

The rear seating area is not that comfortable indeed in the middle seat it’s a little bit stiffer or tighter as for this yeah that bolstering is stiff here however space-wise it also does work so you can also drive with five turtles, but that wouldn’t be a long-term comfortable thing in the middle part you can fold down this here.

Then you have either a smartphone holder or push it back slightly, and there are adaptive cup holders like this. So it works space-wise but not ideal, I would say. As for the middle tunnel here, you have a small step here.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Boot / trunk

The boot is just at 430 liters, somewhat limited lengthy about a meter or 40 inches; however, the width here is limited that’s just about 90 centimeters or 35 inches, height about 55 centimeters or 21 22 inches, and it does fit for the luggage yes no problem but not too vast here the charging cable box you can have that one as storage and then the total length is about 180 in meters or 70 inches.

You might ask yourself; this is a separate sedan trunk here, and the EQs have this white fastback opening. They could have theoretically done that also for the EQE. I think that would have been more attractive for that vehicle.

However, if they had done that, they would have lost even more headroom in the rear, you know, because you have to attach it somewhere here, and then you would lose the room right here, and that’s why they went for the separate truck.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG acceleration test with race start

Performance driving lounge with the Mercedes EQE 53 AMG and we go to sports plus mode test this electric race start launch control hit the brakes left pedal hit the right throttle pedal and listen to that like this electric sound boost building up that was zero to one hundred amazing whoo. So we were like, what the hell just happened, so when we were building up that race start like seat belts were tightened up, and you heard like this spatial and engage and wow that went.

So quick, but I’m happy that we had the sound. Michelle is right because when you have that sound, you can somehow feel and hear what’s happening, you know, so that’s important to have because otherwise, you don’t know what’s happening.

So that’s a problem sometimes with electric vehicles that you don’t feel the acceleration you don’t know what to expect and here with that electric sound you know what’s going to happen that’s very helpful, and you have a real bias here because the re-electric motor is stronger than air suspension is tuned on a stiffer note in the Mercedes EQE 53 AMG

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Air suspension: comfort and sportiness

So we also feel enough comfort on these roads with its air suspension. However, we have the biggest 21-inch wheels, and yeah, I think it’s just a really good setup they found here. Overall you hear once again that electric sound. It is a large vehicle; still, you have great handling and a low center of gravity because the battery pack is placed at the bottom of the vehicle.

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Driving dynamics with rear-axle steering

Rear access steering it’s not that distinctive as you know from the normal EQE because we have that limited degree turning factor. However, you still feel that you feel like a shorter wheelbase when you are in agile driving experience and when you’re going left, right.

So on and also easily car in and out; however, if you want more flexibility in a basement garage for example then you would leave the AMG version to have a stronger rear axle steering but here a lot of fun in these corners the car stays very settled to the ground I like the steering wheel setup as well.

Sports EV: What about the weight?

you do feel the weight of the vehicle, so if you compare a sporty vehicle because we’ve been driving this road here with the Mercedes c43 c-class combustion engine interesting paint more it was like a ford ranger holiday whether it was marriage edition or something, so honeymoon edition, that’s what I wanted to say here you feel that the weight pushes you into the corner.

Although the car is settled, it doesn’t feel light at all. That’s the one catch, of course, because you still have that weight on board; it’s a lot of fun. The seats could hold us tighter. We wouldn’t slide so much on the seat if you had the standard microfiber trim. However, I can stress again that the seat ergonomics themself, no matter if you know what service you have, is not that suitable for tall people, so I think Mercedes has to work on seat economics.

However, if you have these seats in here, the microfiber trim will do better and comfort because it adapts a little bit more to the body, and you don’t slide on that much here. The microfiber grip on the steering wheel is really helpful, and the steering wheel also has great size.

Once again, I think something I already found out with c43 is the AMG steering setups are now more likable to me because they are a little bit more progressive and what a wonderful road here in the vast region, you know, and this is like this french german boiler region really beautiful roadster.

Comparison EQE vs EQS

If you compare it to the EQS, the EQE does feel a little bit lighter, of course, and has, you know, a little bit shorter, a little bit shorter wheelbase, so this does bring you a little bit more agility and fun definitely and in the front legs and EQE are not that different so the EQs will have more legroom in the rear. Of course, this fastback trunk opening is more practical with the EQs, but it’s also way more expensive.

EQE 500 vs EQE 53 AMG

All the difference between EQE 500 and the normal overdrive model in the EQ AMG here is that Asus suspension here sits a little bit lower, so you also have a stiffer setup. It is so much sportier, yes you feel, and the sound experience is more enhanced, so these are the main two differences, but it does not feel like a completely different car, and that is something; by the way, if you go back to the comfort mode, you have absolute silence. You know you don’t have this sound built up. You can also individualize, and then in the individual mode, that’s also possible.

So you can also drive all silently. That’s also possible. Hence, the thing is that with these new electric vehicles and the performance electric vehicles, the difference between the normal version and the performance version is not as large as the difference would be in the combustion engine versions like e-class and e-class are 43 63.

So on of 50 for the e-class, they went down 53, then that’s the thing you know so the AMG does have a problem with that, yes so they have to do something also communication and marketing-wise the sound thing is one thing setup system is another thing then definitely as well um it’s tough you know what what you do then also as a manufacturer.

Power in driving mode

We don’t have the maximum power in the comfort mode, not in a normal situation, but when I hit the throttle completely and kick down, you also have full power in all different driving modes. Let’s pass this vehicle and see more about that so when so yes, you have full power also in the comfort mode, and this is how it reacts when you are driving without the enhanced deck sound in these sports modes once again when you hit it then wow and by the way.

We’ve also seen here this adaptive lighting. It’s a cool thing to show off to your friends on camera, you know, when I’m here on the brakes or when I’m accelerating, you see here, it goes light here, but when I’m flooring it all out, then it also becomes red I think we should start to puke all over the place now slowly not yet so yeah that’s the thing so it can be helpful to have this acoustic feedback that especially your passengers know okay something is extreme is happening, and your body can cope with that a little bit better.

EQE AMG vs supercars?

Overall the setup they found here, as we know comfort and sportiness combination it’s very nice you cannot expect that that diminishes the weight you do feel the weight of the vehicle that’s the thing so a lighter sports vehicle will give you more fun I also feel that my lower back has to work against the g-forces a little bit in the corners that’s still the case but drives nicer and more agile than the EQs and considering that weight it’s a very nice and fun ride for sure.

This electric performance is always right there. That might also be the case that supercars get less and less attractive because you mean you have like an e-class EV here, and it has supercar acceleration figures. So who cares about supercars? Then, in this case, you know we also saw in our channel that people are less and less interested in supercars.

I think that might be just one thing you know or one important factor because they might be losing attraction because of that, so I would also like to read your comments to are supercars still relevant and interesting when you put that in the comments, and I mean here we can do anything supercar like it at all times you know and also there like with the launch control and so and so on super impressive.

So I’m having a lot of fun with the EQE. However, again the weight cannot be re-raised. It is still there. That’s what you know with electric vehicles. It carries a lot of weight; however, it’s a lot of fun, no doubt about that. What about normal driving features.

Assistance systems

well, we have the combat mode, for example, where it’s outside, and then we can also set the cruise control here at the steering wheel. All the assistance systems are working very well, so it’s also the active lane-keeping assist; for example, here, let’s see to which extent that works here also in the right corner, does that work. It’s more thought out for motorway and when you’re driving a little bit straighter and so on
in some bends, then you know this does stop working for healing.

Recuperation modes

Interestingly, normal healing is standard and is a little recovery; if you want more, hit the brake pad. You can also use the left shifting pedal then going to our strong rig operation, so when I lift the throttle then we have one-pedal driving, so really strong operation when I lift the throttle, or also no recuperation hitting the right pedal then we’re just rolling rolling rolling rolling.

I can also go back. Do I have to? No normal click is okay here. Then we are into intelligent healing; that is the best compromise because here, when there’s no one in front of us, the car is again rolling or maybe just a slight recovery. It depends on here; for example, the gps says hey, we’re going downhill, so do some slight regenerative braking. That’s, of course, a clever thing to do.

So really taking gps into account but also if there’s a car in front of you, for example, that’s helpful here again. Now it’s not recuperating again because speed is being reduced, so speed limits are taken into account, of course also when there’s someone in front of you.

So that’s a very nice and intelligent feature, and I would go for that’s cool. Sadly they did not make that standard. I did have some background talks with Mercedes engineers from the ebp department, and they said yeah, they also find that the intelligent driving mode is the best, but they didn’t expect yet that all customers found it best.

They might change that standard mode for the future. That could be something to look out for, so wow, yeah, a really cool and interesting driving experience with the eq amg here. You can also compare it with the EQs amg we’ve driven that one in us, or if you don’t want to spend as much money for the EQE AMG, check out our review of the normal eqe version.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Mercedes EQS 53?

Mercedes-Benz now has the complete pricing structure for its flagship electric sedan, the EQS, and the announcement that the AMG 53 version will be $147,000.50 plus an additional $1.050 destination fee.

Will Mercedes make an EQE?

The Mercedes EQE has a dual-screen infotainment screen as standard. It is identical to the one found on the entry-level EQS. It features a 12.3-inch driver display and a 13.0-inch touchscreen on its dashboard. You can also get Mercedes’ fancy Hyperscreen system with three built-in screens for an extra charge.

Is Mercedes EQS available in USA?

The US currently has the EQS on its roads and the EQE just behind. Mercedes has not shared much about the progress of the EQS SUV over these two years, but it has remained somewhat secretive.

How much will the 2022 Mercedes EQS cost?

Price: The 2022 Mercedes EQ EQS 450+ is priced at $102,310 and the 2022 Mercedes EQ EQS 580 4-Matic starts at $119,110. The EQS 580-4Matic, which is the most luxurious Pinnacle trim starts at $125,000. Mercedes-Benz anticipates that more than half its cars will be fully electric or plug-in hybrids in 2030.

Is the EQS fully electric?

EQS Sedan. is more than just a new era in motoring. It’s also the flagship of the electric fleet. Every day can be a new beginning for your future with the EQS.

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