2023 Polestar 3 Electric Suv| Specs,Price,Release Date

2023 polestar 3 Review

2023 polestar 3 electric suv

Considering the hype surrounding this brand, it’s crazy to think that pole star has only ever made two cars and mass-produced one since becoming a standalone manufacturer in 2017.

The polestar one that was a proof of concept, an achingly pretty limited production coupe, the two that were the real deal, an electric car so beautiful and so beautifully made that it makes a Tesla Model 3 look like a plastic frog, this coming from an impartial pole star 2 owners. Of course, now it’s time for the three.

As is the way of the world, it’s a bloody great big SUV. We don’t like those at fully charged, but Polestar claims it does SUVs a bit. It says this is an SUV purpose-built for the sustainable electric future. What does that mean don’t know. Let’s find out if this is the pole star 3

2023 polestar 3 the Essential info

It’s a bloody great big SUV. It’s damn near five meters and damn near 2.6 tons of Swedish magnificence. If you can’t beat them, joining them is very much the thinking behind this car.

People will keep buying SUVs for a long time, so why not ensure they are at least buying Greener, cleaner SUVs? More on that later. Let’s jump in with the price 79 900 pounds is the price for the launch car does come with a dual motor long, range pilot and pack every box on the options sheet ticked it’s a lot of cars, it’s a lot of cars, and it’s a lot of money.

We don’t have official numbers for the subsequent variants. They haven’t even officially said they’re going to do a shorter-range single-motor one, but you assume they are. If you’re calling this one the dual motor long range, it implies the existence of a standard range single motor speculation. My guess is down the line,

we’re going to see a simpler version of this car starting from somewhere in the 65 high 60 thousand regions, so it is substantially more than a pole star 2 is it’s more car than pole star 2. We’re about to find out the first deliveries of this car will be in Q4 of 2023, so still a ways away.

Initially, they’re going to be just produced in China. Still, from early 2024 they’re also going to be Manufacturing these bad boys in the U.S. and from around mid-2024, that U.S. Factory will serve the North American market. You get the impression with this car that China and North America are very much on pole Stars Minds because, well, it’s big and just quick.

Polestar’s next four cars

One thing I do really like about pole star is we know what their plans are. We have a clear understanding of. Which models to expect? It’s taken about five years to give us the first two cars, but we can expect a car every year for the immediate future, so these are the three big SUVs. Next, we get the four smaller SUVs, think Porsche McCann size, then we get the five that’s the artist formerly known as precept the big kind of Model S style proper Lux proper high-end thing and then the six will be the O2 Roadster.

2023 polestar 3 Exterior

Wheels and tires


22″ 4-Multi spoke black polished forged wheelFront




22″ 4-V Spoke black polished forged wheelFront




21″ 5-V Spoke black diamond cut wheelFront




  • Frameless mirrors 
  • Wide-angle view 
  • Electrically adjustable 
  • Heated 
  • Automatically folding 
  • Curb view (when backing up) 
  • Automatically dimming
  • Homelink


  • LED headlights 
  • Automatic leveling 
  • Daytime running lights 
  • Active High Beam


  • Infrared coating (front) 
  • Heated wipers with rain sensors (front and rear) 
  • Acoustic lamination

Door handles

  • Flush door handles, extended when the driver approaches the car


  • Easy entry and exit
  • Soft-close doors 


  • Fixed panoramic sunroof with Polestar symbol
  • Flush glazing/windows with side window trim 
  • Privacy laminated acoustic rear windows
  • Clear laminated acoustic rear windows (option)


  • Front aero wing 
  • Rear aero wing 
  • Rear aero blades

Getting at the front of the car, then, this is quite an interesting feature well, it’s a wing. There’s a Wing on the nose of this big SUV, which is familiar with the preset concept. Do you remember that this had a very similar setup? Here and this is an aero feature, one of the big issues with SUVs is they’re not especially aerodynamic. There’s a lot of turbulence created by this big flat nose. Well, this will help airflow over the top of the car in a cleaner way, increasing efficiency.

Talk about efficiency a bit more later. I’ve noticed a few things at the front smart Zone: this is a new precept. We’re going to see this on Old pole stars in the future Thomas, the CEO, had a really good line about this in the presentation last night. He said that grills on Old ice cars symbolizedsymbolized their inefficiency.

Old petrol cars need grills to breathe in Air to cool themselves down due to all the Heat caused by the energy that they’re wasting it’s a symbol of efficiency well this is no longer a grill for breathing it’s now a smart panel for seeing Oh I like that a lot of sensors lots of cameras this car will be available with lidar next year to make it ready for fully autonomous driving good gracious.

I will talk about these dual-blade headlights, a pole star staple. These can do something very fancy one of my favourite things about my pole star 2 is the automatic high beams; I can have the lights on full beam, and when the car comes the other way, it just dips out that little slice of headlight so as not to Dazzle oncoming traffic.

These new lights can do that for up to eight cars at any time. Good Lord, let’s come around the side, which will be tricky-friendly because it’s quite a small Studio, but it’s a big car. It’s a big car 4.9 meters long the pole star 3 wheels. You can have 20 ones or 22s. They don’t look, especially Airway.

But this happens when you have a company where the CEO is a designer. If you think about every new car as the result of an argument between the designers, the aerodynamicists, the engineers the financiers, you have to bear in mind at Polestar; the designers get a lot of say because the head of design answers to another designer.

So we’re going to see examples of these smaller Wheels with Aero covers that would increase range, but pole star being pole star wanting a car to be beautiful to be desirable, there’s going to be a few sacrifices in the name of it. Factor hence the big old 22s platform, I do believe is a bespoke EV platform which was developed in conjunction between Volvo and Geely.

It’s the same platform we’ll see in the new ex-90 Volvo electric SUV. It already underpins a few Geely models good news is that it means lots of space, means Wheels pushed out a little bit further, and we do have a very long Bonnet which is something you would perhaps associate with an ice car. Still, again this is an example of Pulstar prioritizing design, and it is a good-looking thing.

So I’ll allow it. It is quite a sleek and sporty-looking thing. It’s a lot lower than you think it’s going to be for a big long SUV, even though it has a high SUV driving position. They’ve done to achieve that by just raking the seats back into a reclined sports car position, so you’re still up high like an SUV. You still feel like you’re loading over the road, but you also have that reclined, sporty feel.

2023 polestar 3 Performance stats

Fancy some performance figures with the performance pack added? The Pulstar 3 will have 510 horsepower, 910-newton meters of torque and Sprint for not to 62 miles an hour in 4.7 seconds. More interestingly this giant SUV has 50-50 weight distribution torque vectoring adaptive air suspension and active dampers that can adjust themselves every two milliseconds.

This may all seem a bit extra for a giant SUV, but this is the pole-style way, and this is what happens when you have a man like Joakim Lindholm in charge of your chassis; you might remember Euro King from our Arctic Adventure earlier this year this is the man who did laps of an ice track sitting in the front so that he could better assess the movement of his suspension components he has reached deep inside his box of tricks for the pole star 3 to ensure that this giant 2.6-ton car drives like a pole star.

Range, Efficiency, Charging

The battery should we have a word about the battery? It’s not small, 111-kilowatt hours, nominal 108-kilowatt hours usable. It’s a big battery range of up to 380 miles up to 380 miles that, for me, say, 300 miles. Real World Range potential efficiency is key.

The number that they’ve given us is the optimal efficiency with the perfect spec is 23.1-kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres now in the way that I understand it, after some lazy Mass that’s about 2.68 miles per kilowatt hour, that’s distinctly average efficiency for a new electric car it’s less than an ionic five it’s less than any Tesla that you can buy charging happens back here conventional location up to 250 kilowatts charging speeds bi-directional charging as standard on the pole Star 3.

By the way, they gave us a big spiel about vehicle to grid and how they feel that’s an important part of the future.

2023 Polestar 3 Round the Back

So great to see that coming as standard on this car around the back. A very quick word on the design we’ve got this rear spoiler which, of course, is geared towards increased efficiency, not increasing downforce, no issue as far as traction with a 2.6-ton curb weight, a beautiful light bar that is very distinctive, not just similar to the one on the pole star 2 but just flipped upside down.

See that interesting fun? Like these little accents on it as well. Boots are not as huge as you might think, 484 litres. There’s also a 32-litre Frank, and it’s pretty big. It’s not quite as big as some of its Rivals, but the reason for that is that Polestar has very deliberately prioritized cabin space, so in a second, we’ll find out just how roomy it is.

Where’s the sustainability?

Now a quick word on sustainability because so far, we haven’t talked that much about what makes this sustainable as TV for the future and a big part of that comes from the transparency with which Pulsar goes
around Manufacturing now, as soon as this car goes into production, Polestar is going to produce a life cycle assessment. It’s going to get a really clear picture of the exact carbon footprint of every single pole star 3 that leaves the Factory.

Then they’re going to make ongoing attempts to reduce that figure, which all amounts to the pole star zero, a project targeting a carbon-neutral car leaving the Factory by 2030. I do want to highlight that because it could easily be mistaken for more PR Spiel, but this is something Polestar does uniquely in the automotive space, being open and transparent about, this is how much CO2 we’re currently creating with every car we build next year it’s going to be this much, and by In 2030 it’s going to be zero.

2023 Polestar 3 Specifications


Long range Dual motorLong range Dual motor with Performance pack
Motor¹Dual motor 360 kWMotor¹Dual motor 380kW
DrivelineAll-wheel driveDrivelineAll-wheel drive
Power¹360 kW / 489 hpPower¹380 kW / 517 hp
Torque¹620 lb-ftTorque¹671 lb-ft
0-60 mph¹ (target)4.9 seconds0-60 mph¹ (target)4.6 seconds
Top speed¹130 mphTop speed¹130 mph
Range up to¹ ²300 mi (EPA)Range up to¹ ²270 mi (EPA)
Towing capacity¹Up to 3,500 lbsTowing capacity¹Up to 3,500 lbs
Battery400V lithium-ion battery, 111 kWh capacity, 17 modulesBattery400V lithium-ion battery, 111 kWh capacity, 17 modules



Electric power steering with three modes: standard, firm and light 

Power-operated steering column 


All-wheel drive (AWD)


Brake-by-wire system with Brembo performance brakes  

Front: aluminum 4-piston calipers painted in Swedish gold, with ventilated and drilled 400-mm (15.7-in) discs 

Rear: standard calipers painted in Swedish gold, with ventilated 390-mm (15.4 – in) discs


Aluminum front and rear axles


Active air suspension, dual chamber (lowers automatically at higher speeds to improve aerodynamics)

Double wishbone front suspension 

Integral link rear suspension 

Turning circle

38.8 ft (curb to curb)


Long range Dual motorLong range Dual motor with Performance pack
(A) Ground clearance8.30 in (front) 8.30 in (rear)(A) Ground clearance8.30 in (front) 8.30 in (rear)
(B) Wheelbase117.5 in(B) Wheelbase117.5 in
(C) Car length192.9 in(C) Car length192.9 in
(D) Car height64.1 in(D) Car height64.1 in
(E) Cargo length to rear seat back measured at the height of the floor40.0 in(E) Cargo length to rear seat back measured at the height of the floor40.0 in
(F) Cargo length to front seat back measured at the height of the floor74.0 in(F) Cargo length to front seat back measured at the height of the floor74.0 in
(G) Rear opening height25.0 in(G) Rear opening height25.0 in
(H) Cargo floor height to ground31.0 in(H) Cargo floor height to ground31.0 in

2023 Polestar 3 Interior

So post all three interiors. First, I’m going to pop on my pole star 2 hats, and I’m going to analyze this as a Pulstar 2 owner because it’s a lovely interior. Still, there are a couple of very small gripes with its number one slightly fingerprinted material in the middle that is still here. Make of that what you. Will you not have to touch it as much because there’s only one button here now, this play pause button which brings me nicely to pedantic pole star 2 gripe number two? The play pause button it’s a bit sickening to press. It felt like someone got gum stuck in it.

But now tactile but the most important pole star 2 gripe is the cup holders, and if you don’t own a pole star too, this is boring for you, the pulse tattoo owners. You know what? Am I about to say? The cup holder positioning is a disaster.

You have to choose between a cup holder or an armrest. That’s a choice no one should have to make, but now look at this we’ve got two lovely cup holders, easily covered up, and I can keep my armrest delightful and huge; I know; very exciting, let’s move on to more general things. It’s a very pole star interior, that would be fair to say, very minimalist, very clean, very beautifully put together. We’ve got a lovely New Look steering wheel.

This is decidedly more sporty in feel than the one in the two, again with small gripes with the pole star too. It didn’t feel that good to sort of hook your fingers around for spirited driving. This one feels like it was designed for exactly that.

We’ve got these lovely clicky buttons here; I don’t know what they do because I can’t turn this car on and tell you, unfortunately, we’ll do that next time, big 14-and-a-half-inch Central screen that’s a full four-and-a-half inches bigger than the Pulstar 2 screen and a smaller one in front of you so really drawing the focus towards this main screen idea is that when you’re driving, keep it simple, and then when you need to do stuff nice big screen to accommodate said stuff.

I have had someone show me what this new look Android software looks like on an iPad. It seems very pretty a couple of standout things that I noticed from that demonstration your maps are always present so a gripe with the Pulstar 2 software is when you click off your maps to change music or fiddle around with something, you can’t see where you’re going.

Well in this your Maps will always stay across the top of the screen; a nice touch also noticed during that demonstration a few extra Drive settings that we haven’t seen from Polestar before so that you can have stiff or firm suspension. If you want maximum power, there is a performance mode, and you’re not too worried about running out of the Central range console.

We’ve got this floating centre console thing. Given that this car sits on EV architecture, you might think that pole style would go for the kind of open plan flat floor situation. Still, no, they’ve stuck to this kind of cockpit feel, which I feel is better suited to a sporty car, and this is a sporty car. You’ve still got ample room outside of that is what you’d expect in this specked-up car. I’ve got a heads-up display. I’ve got my wireless phone charger. You can have a massage seat. They’re incredibly comfortable, nice, and squashy but still hug you on the sides, giving you that sporty sensation.

Sustainable luxury

We’ll finish by quickly talking about some of the materials here because, of course, emphasis on sustainability pole star has been on a mission since the precept concept to redesign our ideas of what a luxury interior should feel like should be made of. So to that end, we’ve got this lovely repurposed aluminium in the dash, which is cool and nice.

We’ve got these microfiber seats, so this is essentially a vegan interior, but most vegan Interiors are not that vegan because they use crude oil. These do not, and what I like is that in the seat here, Polestar has written that information, so it says poster three bios attributed Microtech no CO2 used this is something that they want you to be aware of when you’ve sat in your car something you’re going to talk about with your mates instead of sweeping the greenness under the carpet makes it front and centre make it a talking point of the car’s nice.

Fully Charged Show

Back seat Jack Test

Backseat Jack test now bear in mind polestar has said out loud that they’ve sacrificed a bit of boot space in favour of lots and lots of cabin space, so that is lots and lots of cabin space. Now bear in mind this is quite a low roof-lined SUV, yet I am spoiled for a room back here.

We’ve got this lovely flat floor huge amount of legroom and a decent Headroom very grateful for this panoramic sunroof which I always think is more for the rear seat occupants than the front ones. You do want that extra glass in the roof because it’s worth noting that, like the pole star too, because of the high muscular shoulder line, the windows and the windscreen are quite small, so it would feel a little bit claustrophobic without that extra glass, but it does have it.

So it doesn’t have gold seat belts because this is a performance Edition car. I want these, and I don’t even want the performance pack. I don’t need the dampers. I wish I had the seat belts and a couple of USBC ports back there. I mean, this is where pole star XL is just making an interior that works well and feels wonderful to sit in, and the three are exactly as you would expect in that regard.


So initial thoughts on the pole star 3? Well, what do you think? Tell us in the comments. I feel like we’re going to have some strong opinions on this particular vehicle. What do we reckon I? I think it’s a poster. It looks fantastic; it’s beautifully made, and the interior is exquisite. It goes like a stink. It’s probably really good to drive pole star, check, check, check, check, check.

The burning question remains does a vehicle like this have a place in the pole star lineup? Does a 2.6-ton SUV make sense to a brand but it’s all about sustainability? Well, pros and cons pros people aren’t going to stop buying big SUVs anytime soon. It would be better if they bought them from a transparent brand about its carbon footprint and working hard to reduce that down to Zero by the end of this decade.

Moreover, Pulsar is still a pretty newish brand, and it will need money to continue to succeed to carry on with its sustainability Mission, and selling this thing will make it some money. On the other hand, it’s got a 111 kilowatt hours of battery matter, and I am struggling slightly with that number.

The efficiency figure of this car is a bit underwhelming for me, and maybe I’m being harsh, but if Thomas, the CEO, had gotten up on that stage yesterday and said not only is the interior made of sustainable materials. Not only are we being super transparent about the carbon Footprints of our cars and the traceability of the battery materials, but guess what else? Its battery is half the size of its Rivals.

Because it’s so bloody efficient that it doesn’t need that much battery, that would be a real game-changing car as it’s very impressive. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that there could have just been a bit Bolder as long as we’re trying to make sustainability a luxury. Why not try and make efficiency sexy as well? I’m asking too much.

Maybe it’s only a second car. In fairness, let’s leave it there for now and save the rest for when we get to get our hands on this thing and take it for a proper Drive early next year. For the time being, let’s know what you think of it in the comments below.

How much does a Polestar 3 cost?


Starting at $83,900, the Polestar 3 will compete against an increasingly-crowded electric SUV market in late 2023. Polestar’s debut of its fully-electric SUV comes with much-anticipated pricing details and specs.

When can you buy a Polestar 3?

The Polestar 3 is an electric two-row midsize SUV slated to arrive in late 2023. So far we like the look, love the interior, and it checks all the boxes when it comes to expected range, charging and performance. At launch, pricing will start at $83,900.

Is Polestar better than Tesla?

Tesla’s most affordable vehicle can travel up to 358 miles on a single charge. That easily outdoes the Polestar 2, which has a range of up to 270 miles. If you compare base to base models, the difference in range is only 2 miles in the Tesla’s favor.

Where will the Polestar 3 Be Built?

The Polestar 3 will be built in China, starting next year, and in the U.S. — at a Volvo Cars factory in South Carolina — starting in mid-2024. Deliveries are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Polestar expects to deliver 50,000 vehicles to customers around the world in 2022.

Is Polestar charging free?

Go with freedom. Get on the road with two years of 30-minute complimentary charging on Electrify America’s DC Fast Charging network. Once you have received your unique code from Polestar, please follow the below steps to access your free charging.

Is Polestar considered luxury?

The Polestar 2 is one of the few luxury electric cars that competes head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3 on price, and in many ways, it’s the better car. The Polestar 2 features a higher-quality cabin, a roomier back seat, a larger cargo area and a much easier-to-use infotainment system.

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