How EV Car Sharing Is Driving Adoption in Australia 2023

EV Car Sharing Is Driving Adoption

Australia is known for its abundant renewable energy solutions, with two-thirds of its power being powered by renewables. However, historically there has been a disparity between the uptake of clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs), with the latter needing to catch up. The interest and demand for EVs have recently surged, but the country still needs to catch up compared to other countries. However, a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, Evie, has emerged, exclusively focusing on EVs, catering to enthusiasts and novices alike. This blog post will discuss how EV car-sharing drives adoption in Australia and its benefits.

Why EV Adoption in Australia Needs a Helping Hand

Australia has a long way to go in EV adoption, as the sales of electric vehicles constitute just over 3% of new vehicle sales. In contrast, the UK and Norway have achieved 16.6% and a whopping 79.3% of new vehicle sales, respectively. One reason is that Australia needs more fuel efficiency standards for carbon dioxide emissions, making it less economically viable for manufacturers to send their EVs to Australia. Instead, they prioritize sending them to markets with more demand for EVs. This lack of incentive has resulted in a need for EVs on Australian roads.

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EVEE – A Peer-to-Peer EV Car-Sharing Platform

The emergence of a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform like Evie provides Australians an excellent opportunity to experience and adopt EVs. The platform allows people to rent out their EVs to others, providing a low-cost entry point to electric vehicles. Users can rent an EV for short or long periods, providing flexibility and convenience.

The platform has two distinct groups of customers. The first group is those interested in EVs but who have never driven one. Renting an EV provides an excellent opportunity to experience and learn more about EVs without investing in one. The second group of customers is travelers who prefer to rent EVs for interstate or overseas travel because they already own an EV or want to experience its benefits.

Benefits of EV Car Sharing

EV car-sharing platforms like Evie benefit both car owners and renters. Car owners can generate income by renting out their EVs, offsetting the cost of ownership. As most car owners don’t need to make a profit, the rental costs are often lower than traditional car rentals. Renters benefit from the low-cost entry point to EVs, providing a convenient, environmentally friendly, affordable alternative to car ownership. Car-sharing also benefits the environment by ensuring that EVs are used instead of sitting stagnant in garages, reducing the overall carbon footprint.


Australia is finally emerging from its EV infancy, thanks to the emergence of innovative car-sharing platforms like Evie. The platform provides a low-cost entry point for Australians to experience and adopt electric vehicles, contributing to the growth of the EV market. With EV prices set to drop considerably due to tax cuts and an emerging second-hand market, they have become more appealing, and their demand will continue to grow. The benefits of EV car sharing will continue to drive EV adoption in Australia and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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