Mercedes-Benz aims to accelerate sales of electric vehicles in India

Mercedes-Benz aims to accelerate sales of electric vehicles in India
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Mercedes-Benz India plans to bring the locally-built EQS electric car in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Plans are in the works to locally build its all-electric EQS in India the luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz plans to increase the sales of electric vehicles across the country according to a senior company official.

Mercedes-Benz India plans to bring on the market locally-built EQS electric cars during the 4th quarter of 2022. It will complement the electric SUV EQC that was introduced in the form of a fully imported vehicle in October 2020 and priced at 1.07 crore.

“We have adopted an incremental approach to developing an electric vehicle strategy in India. EQC was initially available in six markets across India and was gradually was expanded. Today, we’re in 50 cities that have EQC. EQC as well. The next stage is to increase the range with a car that we believe will have more appeal to the mass market and is produced locally.” Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director and Director Martin Schwenk told PTI.

Further describing the electrification strategies He said “When we started the introduction of our brand EQC we looked at the safe numbers we could be expecting. Similar to the EQS. Then you must consider which vehicle has the volume aspiration that is suitable in local manufacture.”

The EQS will go on sale at the end of the quarter in 2022. it will be built in the plant of the company at Chakan situated in Maharashtra.

“It is a vehicle with totally different features. It’s a high-end sedan and has distinct customers and we’d also anticipate a larger audience. Therefore, the local production makes sense.” Schwenk said.

When asked if locally assembled EQS will lead to future EV models being built in India He said, “We are planning on one hand, but on the other hand, we’re in the context of how the world is changing. We are now seeing the opportunity to launch locally-produced EQS.”Schwenk added, “What we will do over the next few years is that these plans will be in accordance with the conditions of the market, and the expectations of customers, and the market conditions that are developing…So we’ll take a look at the indicators on markets. …”

Mercedes-Benz is a “strong base of products” across its global electric vehicle portfolio, and it has the ability to determine which vehicle will be most likely to launch in India or locally manufactured or imported.

“This dialogue will be ongoing but it will be resolved when we have a better idea about what the following steps is,” Schwenk said.

When asked about plans to launch locally-assembled EQS is Mercedes-Benz India given upon requests for a reduction in customs duties on imported vehicles, particularly EVs He said that the company would not change anything about its policy since “very large import duties hinder the ability to localize the technology and their adoption on the marketplace”.

“So what happens to reduce the pain of duty will eventually cause us to look at alternative options for expanding the market, and a greater demand will be created, and we’ll explore other localization options,” Schwenk said.

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