Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 Review in 2024: Specs, Price and Driving experience

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 Review

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 intro

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 the third pure electric vehicle to join the Mercedes family alongside its eqa and eqc SUVs and I’m sure like those cars it’ll be very impressive but I’ve got two key questions I want to answer about this car

For many petrolheads and German brand fans, the impossible and impossible are taking place. The German brand is making waves in Munich. BMW has already released a pair of pure electric cars sporting the sought-after M badge. Porsche has recently put the highly regarded GTS performance label on the rear of their Taycan pure electric car, and it’s now the turn of Mercedes to take the same path with 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQS53 4Matic, which we tested here.

Alongside the booming V8s, smooth sixes, and turbo-brute four-cylinders, the AMG brand now has an unassuming assassin within its ranks – or at least, however, more on this in the future.

It will be launched before its predecessor, the Benz EQS Version 450. The EQS 53 luxurious sedan represents Mercedes-AMG’s entry into the world of electricity, which is a huge weight to bear. But do you think the German company picked the right car for the most important milestone in the history of Affalterbach?

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 Exterior

This is the first electric vehicle to which Mercedes has applied its coveted AMG badge. I want to find out if it deserves it. Secondly, this car is related to the iconic Mercedes-Benz S-class, so would you have that car or this one? For decades, this has been one of the most exciting and arguably important vehicles from Mercedes AMG.

The EQs concept was revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, and I was lucky enough to be there; at the time, I was very excited, and now this car, the car that has resulted in the production version of that car, is herein. It’s great to see some of the things that have changed.

Some of the things that have carried over from that concept, let’s start with this Grill Grill. What do you think? It’s very bold; it’s very aerodynamic. This car’s Bodywork is one of the most slippery aerodynamically speaking of all production cars. The EQs 450 has a coefficient of just two points. Nothing, this one is slightly higher.

Because of its AMG bits 2.3 but still very efficient, the GrillGrill though I’m not sure, looks like a sticker just stuck on there. It has active louvers to allow in the air when needed, but otherwise, it’s a very clean front-end design. The headlights now for the EQs concept were mind-blowing. They had a projector and all kinds of LED things in there. Now, this is still a very impressive digital LED headlight. Still, it’s not quite as show-stopping as the concept.

It rolls on two different size wheels, 21s and 22-inch Alloys. Both versions have been specifically developed to be very low drag and aerodynamic, once again boosting the range of this EV. What do you think about the overall styling, though? It’s got some of that classic Mercedes Coupe styled four-door with a lift back which allows access to a huge boot but to spend too much time on the outside of this car on a very chilly day would be to ignore perhaps its absolute party piece.

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 interior and screens

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 interior and screens
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Where to start with this car? As you might expect, it’s got an s in its boot badge, which means it will probably be packed full of equipment. Right from the outset, when you jump in this car, you are met with an absolute tsunami of technology. The first thing I’m drawn to is a 24-inch digital Central touch screen that Mercedes calls hyper screen. I can’t think of a better description for it. It is massive, and it dominates the interior.

But it doesn’t stop there. On either side of it are two 12-inch digital displays, one for the driver instrument cluster and another one that spoils the passenger. This is already looking like a typical s branded Mercedes. There are also two tiny screens down here on the steering wheel-mounted switches for controlling other key features, and I’ll return to those later.


Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 Specifications

Fitment is as impressive as it is extensive, and there was nowhere near enough time to explore all the eq’s features in the short time at its local launch. For the full list, check out our full feature story about which car.

At the core of the eqs53 is a revolutionary electric drive system. Its battery is nearly 110 kilowatt hours, which is massive and adds to the weight. This car weighs 2.6 tons which is a lot, but I’ll tell you just how that translates into its Dynamics and handling later.

The upside is it means this car can go nearly 600 kilometers on a single charge, and if that’s not far enough to get to where you want to go, it’s got up to 200 kilowatts charging, that’s not class-leading. Others will go faster and higher than that.

But it is adequate. You can get about an 80 charge into this car in 13 minutes. That huge battery feeds power to a pair of electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear for all-wheel drive, or 4matic, as Mercedes likes to call it. Power well, how do 484 kilowatts sound and 950-newton meters? Yes, pathetic.

so if you add the dynamic package, those figures increase to 560 kilowatts and more than a thousand-newton meter of torque adequate even without the AMG Dynamic pack, the eqs53 will still get to 100 kilometers an hour from a standstill in just 3.8 seconds with a dynamic pack; however, Mercedes claims it’ll do it in just 3.4 that’s as quick as an AMG e63s.

Launch Control Mode

Another extra dose of power and torque is only available in launch control mode launch control. I’m glad you asked to click into Sport Plus left foot break. Yep, that felt like about 560 kilowatts and more than a thousand-newton meter of torque. This car, even though it weighs 2.6 tonnes, is properly rapid physics defying fast.

EV Sounds

You may have noticed that when we engaged launch control, it was accompanied by strange sounds. This car incorporates a wider variety of synthetic and generated EV sounds than I’ve ever encountered in any other electric vehicle.

You might think they’re a little questionable, but I love them, and there’s plenty to scroll through. It makes sounds when it’s just cruising at low speed. It makes sense when you jump in and start it up. It just purrs gently when it’s on the spot.

But when you put it into its most powerful sound like that, I don’t know. I can see how people think that that is ludicrous, but EVS must make some sound.

I love what the manufacturer is, including Mercedes AMG, has done with this; something I particularly like, though, they’ve Incorporated the sound that sounds just a little bit like perhaps a combustion engine like it’s just holding on to the previous era of combustion and petrol V8s and diesel. It’s blended with a really strange spaceship kind of sound effect, and the theater is a great effect, and I’m keeping it in powerful mode wherever I drive this car.


The chassis is also worthy of note. I haven’t spent much time in this car just yet, but I’ve got air suspension and adaptive dampers, and with those two working in conjunction, you’ve got a broad spectrum of characters to this car. Once again, it’s got an s in its boot badge, so you’d expect some costing ride.

Driving Experience

If you are in C in comfort and are driving one of these roads outside of Canberra, it’s extremely relaxing. You can feel the S-Class DNA resonating, but you can switch it to the sport or turn it back into Sport Plus. The result is eye-catching. It is considering its weight and size. Nearly unaffected in Corners, it can remain relatively flat, even when you push very high.

But it doesn’t feel like a synthetic car. I was concerned that this car might cover up its weight and Dynamics and its issues through a lot of tech and tricks on its sleeves, but there’s a genuine sense of naturalness that seems natural.

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 Brakes

The only bit that lets it down is that I’m going to talk about a squishy brake pedal. Yes, it’s an EV, and the Regeneration is quite strong. The effect is noticeable, and the cost is a slightly longer travel brake pedal than I’d appreciate.

Still, if you push through it, it’s got six-piston hydraulic calipers on huge discs that give you that reassuring sense of confidence foreign assisting those surprising Dynamics is rear-wheel steering. The eq450 that arrives later this year will get that as an option. Still, it’s standard on the AMG 53.

This car is more than five meters long, but those rear wheels turning at low speed shortens the wheelbase. It adds amazing Dynamics and skill when you’re carrying some speed like this, but when you’re going quickly, it doesn’t give you enough opportunity to appreciate it.

Interior Material and Seats

Inside the car, this is an AMG-badged car, and it also has some of the S-Class DNA, so it has to have an interior that stands out, and it does. I like these AMG touches with this material that’s not Alcantara. It feels like a sort of spongy strange synthetic leather, and I like it with the contrasting stitching that, to me, says a little bit of AMG.

So there’s a box tick there. The seats are just supportive enough, not to the degree you’d expect in a 63, but for a 53, I think they suit the balance of the car nicely as well. The driving position is excellent. The steering wheel is chunky and sporty. I am getting particularly good AMG Vibe bits of carbon fiber on the center console.

So tick that box, but the quality has to be top-notch as well, and I’m pleased to say this car scores well there and Nails it. This huge screen that spans more than a meter is beautifully integrated into the cabin. You can get your hand behind it in places like it’s floating and not attached, but the overall effect is not as distracting as I expected. It’s integral and cohesive, as you might expect.

Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 Price

The Mercedes-AMG QS 53 is available for purchase for $328,400, including the on-road cost that’s close to that of the Mercedes-Benz S580L Halo.

which is a fair chunk of cash, but that’s less than the current S-Class range-topping s580 Seventeen and a half thousand dollars cheaper than the orbit faster Porsche take-hand Turbo S and is likely to hover suspiciously close to the asking price of the incoming BMW i7.


There is so much to this car that I feel like I’m just starting to scratch the surface, and I can’t wait to get back in it on a date down the road and fully discover all its features. I feel you could own this car for a year and never fully discover everything it offers, but back to my original questions, does it deserve to be the first EV from Mercedes that wears the AMG badge?

Well, it’s not the 63 that car will have a far harder audience to appeal to and a far bigger burden on its shoulders, but this is the 53 it gets away with being not quite hardcore but also carrying over some of the Mercedes quality.

Premium feel, and to that end, it Nails it deserves to be the AMG 53, but the bigger question is would you have this car over an S-Class powered by a petrol engine? I’d also say yes, it doesn’t compromise anything you’d expect from an S-Class but puts one foot into the future and indicates the direction that Mercedes and all manufacturers have to go in which one.

Frequently asked Questions

How much will a Mercedes EQS cost?

How Much Does the Mercedes-Benz EQS Cost? From $102,310 The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS comes with the most affordable base price among high-end electric cars. It’s the base model of the single-motor rear-wheel-drive EQS and two more expensive versions with this powertrain configuration will cost just a few thousand dollars.

How much is a Mercedes AMG 53?


Mercedes-AMG(r) GT 53 4-Door Coupe to begin at $99,000
Starting at $99,000*, this Mercedes-AMG(r) GT 53 is powered by an AMG(r)-enhanced 3.0L Inline-6 Turbo Engine, with EQ Boost as well as an Electric Auxiliary Compressor which produces 429 horsepower and 384 lb-ft peak torque.

Is Mercedes EQS available in USA?

After two years of deceiving people, Mercedes-Benz have finally taken the sheet of their EQS vehicle. It will be available to dealers at the end of the year and is expected to be available for sale by the end of this year, it is the very first SUV in Mercedes’ EQ line to be available in the US.

How fast is the Mercedes EQS?

As you can see, the Mercedes-AMG 2024 EQS is loaded with force and torque. This is paired with its aerodynamic design allows it to go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. The top speed is electronically adjusted to 150 kilometers per hour and is more than the majority of luxury vehicles in the same class.

How many EQS have been sold?

The most fascinating thing to our readers is the fact that the completely electric Mercedes-Benz EQS is in great shape with 209 units were sold during Q1 2024 (after 443 units in the fourth quarter of 2021).

Does the EQS have autopilot?

Mercedes-Benz will provide Drive Pilot, the first Level 3 autonomous driving system that is approved by the European Commission for European public roads available on the EQS and S-Class models from on May 17. Drive Pilot will cost 5,000 euros ($5,300) on the S-Class and 7,430 euros for the EQS in Germany, Mercedes said Friday.

What does EQS Mercedes mean?

The EQ symbolises the two Mercedes-Benz brand values ” emotion and intelligence” and covers all the important elements of customer-oriented electric mobility. .

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