New NISSAN JUKE Hybrid 2024

Nissan has finally electrified the Juke crossover by making it a European hybrid


– Nissan Juke Hybrid 2024 – Tekna trim – Bose Personal Plus – 1.6-litre engine & e-motor – Power HP (kW): 94hp (69kW) + 49hp (36kW) – Trunk space: 354 litres (a slight reduction of 68 litres compared to the petrol version) – COLOR: dual tone Magnetic Blue & black roof – multi-modal automatic transmission – Battery: 1.2kWh – PRICE: 263.846,90 kn (35.030 EUR)

New hybrid powertrain fully uses the Alliance’s engineering strengths.

The JUKE Hybrid will feature the same e-Pedal step technology as the LEAF pure EV.

The new Hybrid version retains the JUKE’s sporty crossover coupe design.

A radiator grille shutter was also added to the hybrid version

To improve airflow, modifications were made below the bumper.

The 2024 Juke Hybrid combines a 1.6-litre gasoline motor and an electric one