Discover the Unmatched Brilliance of Zeekr X: A Volvo EX30 Killer!

Introducing Zeekr X: A Remarkable Electric SUV That Outshines the Volvo EX30

In the realm of compact electric crossovers and SUVs, the Zeekr X stands tall as a formidable competitor. Developed as a sister model to the highly acclaimed Volvo EX30, the Zeekr X aims to surpass its sibling in various aspects. This comprehensive review will delve into the exceptional features and characteristics of the Zeekr X, taking you on an immersive journey alongside Thomas and Autogefühl.

Discover the Unmatched Brilliance of Zeekr X A Volvo EX30 Killer

Unleash the Zeekr X: Prepare for an Unprecedented Experience

The Zeekr X offers a captivating driving experience like no other, thanks to its unique features and cutting-edge technology. Equipped with a 4K full-screen display, this compact electric SUV immerses you in a world of unparalleled visuals. But that’s not all—the Zeekr X has a surprise in store. Imagine being able to play various animal sounds, from cats and dogs to pigs, through the vehicle’s exterior speakers. Alternatively, you can use your own voice to communicate with people outside. These playful features add a touch of fun to your driving experience, setting the Zeekr X apart from the crowd.

Unrivaled Performance: A Serious Competitor

Don’t be deceived by its playful nature—the Zeekr X means serious business when it comes to performance. Priced below €50,000, this fully equipped premium compact electric SUV poses a formidable challenge to its competitors. Whether you opt for the rear-wheel-drive version with an impressive 5.6-second acceleration figure or the all-wheel-drive version boasting a remarkable 3.8-second acceleration figure, the Zeekr X delivers a performance akin to that of a sports car while maintaining an affordable price point.

European Design Excellence Shines Through

One of the key differentiators of the Zeekr X is its European design heritage. With a European design and development team, the Zeekr X inherits the expertise and craftsmanship synonymous with European automotive excellence. The company has established its European headquarters in Amsterdam, with a design studio located near Volvo’s headquarters and plant in Gothenburg, Sweden. This European approach sets Zeekr apart from other manufacturers entering the European market.

Exterior Design: A Fusion of Elegance and Innovation

The Zeekr X boasts a striking front design characterized by the integration of vertical daytime running lights and dynamic angles. The combination of sleek lines and innovative design elements creates a visually captivating presence. The availability of four distinct colors, coupled with a black roof divided in a contrasting manner, further enhances the vehicle’s overall aesthetic appeal. Zeekr embraces the philosophy of reducing options to simplify choices while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Impressive Battery Performance and Recharging Capability

Equipped with a 69-kilowatt-hour gross battery size, the Zeekr X provides exceptional range and efficiency. Recharging the battery becomes a convenient and hassle-free process with 22-kilowatt AC charging and 150-kilowatt peak DC charging capabilities. From a 10% to 80% state of charge, the Zeekr X requires only 29 minutes for a complete recharge. This impressive charging capability ensures minimal downtime and maximizes your driving pleasure.

Striking Rear Design and Signature Lighting

The rear of the Zeekr X showcases a distinctive light signature that spans the entire width of the vehicle. Illuminated by the Zica logo, the rear lights create a three-dimensional depth, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. While the design may appear unconventional on camera, it is truly captivating when seen with the naked eye. With a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour (120 miles per hour) and a towing capacity of 1.6 tons, the Zeekr X offers both exhilaration and practicality.

Intuitive Interior Design and Comfort

Step inside the Zeekr X, and you’ll be greeted by an interior that exudes premium quality and comfort. The focus on sustainability and animal-friendly materials is evident throughout the cabin. Soft perforated leatherette upholstery, cooling and heating features, and a spacious seating position create an ambiance of luxury and refinement. Even taller individuals, measuring up to 189 centimeters (6’2″), will find ample headroom and legroom in this compact vehicle. The inclusion of a fixed panoramic glass roof adds to the sense of spaciousness and provides an abundance of natural light.

Advanced Technology and User-Friendly Interface

The Zeekr X prioritizes user experience and convenience through its advanced technology and user-friendly interface. The steering wheel offers manual control adjustments, ensuring a comfortable driving position for every individual. The 8.8-inch digital instruments move with the steering wheel, providing an unobstructed view at all times. In contrast to its counterpart, the Volvo EX30, the Zeekr X features a digital instrument cluster and a head-up display, enhancing the driver’s access to vital information.

The cockpit boasts a clean layout with a 14.6-inch screen that emphasizes horizontal design elements. Ambient lighting, customizable colors, and pulsating effects synchronized with the music create a visually captivating experience. The infotainment system draws inspiration from Tesla, providing a familiar and intuitive interface. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Yamaha 13-speaker sound system further enhance the connectivity and entertainment options.

Versatile Storage and Intelligent Features

The Zeekr X offers clever storage solutions and intelligent features designed to enhance your daily driving experience. The central console provides a back hanger, a 27-watt charger on the left, and a powerful 60-watt charger with USB-C connectivity on the right. The inclusion of an inductive charging pad and a foldable armrest adds convenience and versatility to the interior. The rear doors feature high-grade leatherette upholstery, ensuring a consistent level of quality throughout the cabin.

Spacious Rear Seats and Thoughtful Design

Despite its compact size, the Zeekr X surprises with its ample rear seating space. The design scheme carries over from the front, providing a cohesive and visually pleasing interior. The rear seats offer excellent comfort and support, with soft surfaces and meticulous attention to detail. Even taller passengers will find sufficient legroom and headroom, making the Zeekr X a suitable choice for accommodating up to five adults comfortably.

Compact Trunk with Intelligent Design

While the Zeekr X excels in many aspects, its trunk space is the only compromise due to its compact dimensions. With a capacity of 360 liters, the trunk may appear limited. However, the intelligent design ensures efficient use of space. The trunk’s width measures just under a meter (40 inches), while the length is slightly less than 80 centimeters (30 inches). The inclusion of a removable top cover and additional storage compartments further enhances its versatility.

Geely’s Vision: A Diverse Automotive Family

The Zeekr X is part of the Geely Corporation, a dynamic automotive conglomerate. Geely aims to create a portfolio of diverse brands, similar to the Volkswagen Corporation, capitalizing on shared platforms and economies of scale. The Geely Corporation comprises notable brands such as Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, and the recently introduced Smart #1, co-developed with Mercedes. This strategic approach allows Geely to offer a wide range of vehicles across various price points, ensuring exceptional value and customer satisfaction.


The Zeekr X emerges as an exceptional compact electric SUV in the premium segment, rivaling its counterpart, the Volvo EX30. With its European design heritage, innovative features, and superior performance, the Ze

The Zeekr X sets itself apart from the competition. Its unique combination of European design excellence, advanced technology, and impressive performance make it a compelling alternative to the Volvo EX30.

From its playful exterior features that allow you to customize animal sounds and transform into a sports car at a traffic light, to its impressive battery size and quick recharging capabilities, the Zeekr X offers an exhilarating and convenient driving experience. Every detail of its design, from the striking light signatures to the luxurious interior materials and intuitive user interface, contributes to its overall appeal.

Passenger comfort and practicality are prioritized in the Zeekr X, with ample space to accommodate taller individuals and well-thought-out storage solutions. Even though the trunk space may seem limited due to its compact size, intelligent design choices maximize its efficiency, and additional storage compartments provide extra versatility.

As part of the Geely Corporation, the Zeekr X benefits from being part of a larger automotive family. Geely’s vision of building a diverse range of brands allows for shared platforms and technologies, resulting in vehicles offered at different price points while maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

In conclusion, the Zeekr X is poised to make a significant impact in the premium compact electric SUV market. Its affordability, superior features, and European design heritage make it a standout choice. With its exceptional performance, advanced technology, and attention to detail, the Zeekr X is set to surpass expectations and provide an unmatched driving experience.


What is the Zeekr X?

The Zeekr X is a compact electric SUV in the premium segment, offering innovative features and superior performance.

How does the Zeekr X compare to the Volvo EX30?

The Zeekr X aims to surpass the Volvo EX30 in various aspects, including design, performance, and technology.

What are some unique features of the Zeekr X?

The Zeekr X offers customizable exterior sounds, the ability to transform into a sports car, and advanced technology like digital instruments and a head-up display.

How long does it take to recharge the Zeekr X?

With a 150-kilowatt peak DC charging capability, the Zeekr X can go from 10% to 80% state of charge in just 29 minutes.

How does the Zeekr X prioritize sustainability?

The Zeekr X adopts animal-free and sustainable materials throughout its interior, promoting an eco-friendly driving experience.

What is the trunk capacity of the Zeekr X?

The Zeekr X offers a compact trunk with a capacity of 360 liters, providing sufficient space for everyday needs.

Does the Zeekr X have advanced safety features?

While the article doesn’t specifically mention safety features, it can be assumed that the Zeekr X, being a premium vehicle, incorporates advanced safety technologies to ensure driver and passenger protection.

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