“Unbelievable Features of the New Fisker Ocean: 10 Mind-Blowing Innovations That Will Change the Game!”

The New Fisker Ocean: A Game-Changing EV for the Masses

New Fisker Ocean

Electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized the automotive industry, bringing us new and exciting brand names like Fisker. The Fisker Ocean, a mid-sized all-electric SUV, is the latest addition to the EV market, promising a compelling blend of usability, sustainability, and style. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intriguing features and specifications of this game-changing EV, which is set to hit the roads of the UK in 2023, starting from under £36,000.

A Designer’s Dream Come True

The Fisker Ocean’s design is a testament to the creative genius behind it. Henrik Fisker, the mind behind iconic cars like the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage, has graced the Fisker Ocean with a distinct, head-turning appearance. With its Range Rover-esque elements and an air of exclusivity, this car offers an allure of luxury at an affordable price point.

Sustainable Innovation

One of the standout features of the Fisker Ocean is the optional solar panel on the roof. While solar panels in electric cars have been a topic of interest, Fisker has managed to make it work. The solar panel on the roof, available in the top-tier model, adds an estimated 1500 miles of range per year when parked in sunny locations in the UK. While not a game-changer in itself, it adds a unique touch of sustainability to the vehicle.

Entertainment on the Go

The Fisker Ocean boasts a generous 17-inch infotainment screen, loaded with a plethora of functionalities. What sets this screen apart is the Hollywood mode, where it rotates horizontally, offering a wide-screen experience for watching your favorite Netflix shows while charging the car. To further enhance the driving experience, passengers have a convenient fold-out table, affectionately called the “taco tray,” which adds a touch of American market charm.

California Dreaming

The Fisker Ocean introduces the California mode, an open-air driving experience enabled by dropping down eight out of eight panes of glass on the car. While it may sound like an exciting feature, it has its limitations, as wind noise and blurriness can dampen the experience. Nevertheless, it’s a fun and quirky feature that adds a unique element to the driving experience.

Power and Range

The Fisker Ocean offers two variants concerning the drivetrain. The single-motor, front-wheel-drive version boasts around 275 horsepower and a range of approximately 275 miles (WLTP certified) with its lithium-ion phosphate battery. The more powerful and dual-motor version comes with a bigger nickel manganese cobalt battery, offering a whopping 113 kWh of total capacity, resulting in an impressive WLTP range of approximately 440 miles. In real-world conditions, this translates to a potential 350 to 500 miles depending on driving style and conditions.

Value Proposition

Fisker has hit the bullseye when it comes to pricing the Ocean. The entry-level model starts at just £35,995, making it remarkably competitive compared to other EVs in its class. Even the higher-tier model with a larger battery and greater range remains affordable, starting at around £50,000. This pricing strategy is bound to attract a wide range of potential EV buyers, including those who were previously hesitant to embrace electric mobility.

Sustainability at Heart

Beyond the cutting-edge features and competitive pricing, the Fisker Ocean stands out as a sustainable choice. The materials used in its construction are widely recyclable, contributing to a lower life cycle carbon impact than many of its electric rivals. Fisker has focused on streamlining the manufacturing process and designing the car with simplicity in mind, ensuring that it is a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Making a Statement

Purchasing the Fisker Ocean isn’t just about buying a car; it’s about making a statement. By choosing this new and innovative EV, buyers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and their willingness to explore alternatives to the traditional legacy brands. With Fisker, buyers can proudly embrace change and showcase their dedication to a greener future.

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The Fisker Ocean is a compelling electric SUV that ticks all the right boxes: attractive design, innovative features, practicality, and an affordable price tag. With its focus on sustainability and its ability to entice new EV adopters, the Fisker Ocean is undoubtedly poised to make a significant impact in the electric car market.


What is the price of the Fisker Ocean in the UK?

The Fisker Ocean starts from under £36,000 in the UK for the entry-level model, making it an incredibly affordable option for an electric SUV.

Is the Fisker Ocean made in the UK?

While the Fisker Ocean is designed and engineered in California, it is manufactured under license in Austria at Magnus Tire. Magnus Tire is the same company that produces the Jaguar I-PACE, E-PACE, BMW Z4, and Toyota Supra.

Does the Fisker Ocean have a solar panel on the roof?

Yes, the Fisker Ocean offers an optional solar panel on the roof, available in the top-tier model. Fisker estimates that this solar panel can add approximately 1500 miles of range per year when parked in sunny locations in the UK.

What is the range of the Fisker Ocean?

The range of the Fisker Ocean depends on the variant chosen. The single-motor, front-wheel-drive version has an estimated range of about 275 miles (WLTP certified), while the dual-motor variant offers an impressive WLTP range of approximately 440 miles.

What is California mode in the Fisker Ocean?

California mode is a unique feature of the Fisker Ocean that allows the driver to drop down eight out of eight panes of glass on the car, including the rear windows and the sunroof, to create an open-air driving experience. It is intended to provide a sense of freedom and excitement while cruising down scenic routes.

Is the Fisker Ocean a sustainable choice?

Yes, sustainability is at the core of the Fisker Ocean’s design and manufacturing. The materials used in the car are widely recyclable, and Fisker has streamlined the manufacturing process to reduce resource consumption. They have also conducted life cycle assessments, demonstrating that the Fisker Ocean has a lower life cycle carbon impact compared to its electric rivals.

What makes the Fisker Ocean stand out from other electric cars?

The Fisker Ocean distinguishes itself with its affordable pricing, practicality, and impressive range. It offers a compelling value proposition for potential EV buyers, especially those who may have been hesitant to switch to electric mobility in the past. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for buyers to make a statement by choosing a new and innovative brand with a strong focus on sustainability.

Who is the designer of the Fisker Ocean?

The Fisker Ocean is designed by Henrik Fisker, a renowned automotive designer who is also responsible for iconic cars like the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

What are the screen functionalities in the Fisker Ocean?

The Fisker Ocean features a large 17-inch infotainment screen with various functionalities. It includes a Hollywood mode, where the screen rotates horizontally, allowing passengers to watch Netflix shows while the car is charging. Additionally, there is a fold-out table, known as the “taco tray,” for added convenience during entertainment.

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