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Bronx Car Accident Lawyer 2024

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If you or someone you love is injured in an accident in the Bronx and need to speak with our lawyers now for a no-cost consultation.

Top Barnes Firm lawyers for injury in NYC provide services to clients that span all the Boroughs, which include but not only: Bay Ridge, Bath Beach, Bedford, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bensonhurst, Bergen Beach, Boerum Hill, Borough Park, Bronx, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brownsville, Bushwick, Cadman Plaza, Canarsie, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Coney Island, Crown Heights, Cypress Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Dyker Heights, East New York, Flatbush, Flatlands, Fort Greene, Fort Hamilton, Fulton Ferry, Gravesend, Greenpoint, Highland Park, Kensington, Long Island, Madison, Manhattan, Midwood, Mill Basin, Nassau County, Navy Yard, Prospect Heights, Prospect Park, Prospect Park South, Queens, Red Hook, Sea Gate, Sheepshead Bay, South Brooklyn, Staten Island, Stuyvesant, Suffolk County, Sunset Park, Vinegar Hill, Waterfront, and Williamsburg.

What to Do After a Car Accident in The Bronx

Every day, car accidents happen in The Bronx. Are you aware of what to do if you’re in a car accident? Below are some steps we suggest taking:

Car Accident Lawyer in Bronx

Bronx Car Accident Lawyer
  1. Medical attention is required. The safety and health of you and your passengers should be a top priority.
  2. Make contact with the police. Even if there’s no evidence that you’ve been injured, inform the police. They’ll help direct traffic and prevent others from being injured. They’ll also prepare an investigation report to determine the cause of the crash.
  3. Keep a note. Note down what occurred to ensure you don’t be able to recall them later when talking with an insurance firm.
  4. Don’t admit fault. Even if it appears that you could have been at fault, do not admit it was your fault because you don’t know whether there were other causes in the incident. For example, another driver could be impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  5. Take photos. If you’re not injured in any way, Take photos as proof of the collision, including where the incident occurred, what happened, when the two cars collided, and the damage to your car.
  6. Call The Barnes Firm. Some insurance firms will attempt to convince you to accept less than you are entitled to. A lawyer with previous experience dealing with car accident cases in the Bronx could provide you with the best chance to receive all settlements.

Getting Compensation After An Accident

It is easy to see the many expenses caused by accidents that it may feel as if your entire world has been turned upside down. Apart from medical and repair expenses, which can amount to hundreds of thousands, you have also other things to think about, like working hours lost and transport expenses. Barnes Firm Barnes Firm works to ensure you receive the funds you’re entitled to. Our Bronx lawyers for car accidents have been recognized for their efforts on personal injury lawsuits, and we’re ready to advocate for your rights.

Bronx Car Accident Attorney

For the most part, Bronx residents are aware that New York has adopted a no-fault system to pay for compensation for injuries sustained in car accidents. In the “no-fault” method, victims first seek reimbursement to cover medical costs from their insurance company regardless of who was the cause of the incident.

But, New York law provides alternatives for those with charges higher than the amount covered by their insurance policies. In the event of serious injuries and major medical expenses, the victims could be eligible to pursue additional reimbursement from the responsible party’s insurance company.

The Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond regularly defend the rights of victims to obtain the justice they deserve. The Bronx automobile accident attorneys provide a no-cost consultation and evaluation of the case for accident victims who have been injured. We are proud of our commitment to ensuring that our clients receive the justice they deserve and compensation.

What Should I Do if I’m in a Bronx Car Accident?

After a car accident in the Bronx, it is important to keep two things in mind. First, victims should ensure their health and safety are a top priority. It can make it difficult for victims to make a convincing claim if they don’t.

It is vital to gather and preserve evidence to provide evidence of the elements that contributed to the cause of the accident.

Health and Safety

After an accident, victims should, if they’re able to and able, should take the vehicle into a secure location that is out of the way of traffic coming towards them. Additionally, they should locate a safe place out of danger and wait for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene.

Accidents that cause extensive vehicle destruction could result in a subsequent explosion or fire. Accident victims must wait in a safe place away from the badly damaged vehicle to avoid further injuries.

Naturally, if someone involved has sustained an injury, it is recommended to dial 911 immediately. If the emergency doctors suggest transport to an emergency hospital, you should not refuse.

The victims who believe they have just suffered minor injuries must remain on the scene until law authorities arrive and have obtained the necessary information to prepare an accident report. If possible, as soon as they are advised to seek medical attention. Certain injuries might not be visible and are only discovered by a professional diagnostic test.

Gather and Preserve Evidence

After examining a victim, emergency medical professionals might decide it’s safe to stay at the scene and speak with law enforcement officers when they arrive. Police will contact the drivers and other passengers involved in the incident. If you observe something that could have caused the accident, notify the police of your findings.

The victims should request the police report since it could be used as evidence should they ever have to file a compensation claim.

Exchange insurance and contact details with other drivers.

If can take photos of the injuries you sustained, the cars involved, and the crash scene. Photos taken from the scene of the accident could aid in determining what led to the crash.
Keep track of all doctors’ appointments, diagnoses, and treatments and adhere to the treatment suggestions of your doctor.

Getting Compensation After a Car Accident in the Bronx

For New York, drivers must have personal injury protection insurance to pay for immediate medical expenses and loss of wages from work after an accident in the car. The insurance will cover the initial portion of medical expenses when you meet your deductible. Suppose you go over the limit in your insurance policy for personal injuries. In that case, you are entitled to file the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the driver or any other individuals that caused or contributed to the car accident.

We are Jacoby & Meyers, LLP. We have car accident lawyers who will assist you in obtaining the amount you need from your PIP policy before you decide to file an injury or lawsuit. Unfortunately, many victims of accidents rapidly exhaust their insurance policies. They have to go towards insurance companies like the “at fault” driver insurance to get the remaining money they require for putting their lives to normal. This requires proving that there was a fault and making a convincing claim.

In the event of an auto crash, the insurance policy covering the responsible driver or any other parties responsible will determine the compensation you will receive for your accident. A lot of drivers have comparatively lower liability insurance, meaning that if you sustain injuries when you are involved in an accident, it is possible that you will not receive the total amount of compensation you need to pay for medical bills as well as other costs. Even with a high-quality insurance plan, your payout will be contingent upon the severity of the injuries you sustained.

It’s not a secret that insurance companies will strive to cut costs and give you the lowest amount of compensation feasible. This is why you require an expert law firm that will not be afraid to compete with insurance companies and demand maximum compensation.

We can help you recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses. The more severe your injuries, the greater the medical bills could add to. When those suffering from high tetraplegia following an accident that results in damaged spinal cords could have to pay up to one million dollars in medical expenses in the first year following the accident, victims who suffer from broken bones could be able to pay just $2,500 for non-surgical treatments. When calculating your medical expenses, it is important to include visits to your doctor, treatments and any changes to your vehicle or home following the accident. Consult in the presence of an attorney to ensure you don’t miss any medical expenses that you should be compensated for.
  • Absent from work: Car accident injuries frequently stop people from working due to many reasons. The first and most important reason is that the injuries you suffer could keep you from performing. Even when you’re able to back to work, pain medications, persistent pain — or difficulties with concentration or distractions due to trauma to the brain can prevent your focus from being completely focused on your job. It is also possible to be absent from work regularly to attend further appointments, future surgery, or therapy sessions.
  • Loss of earning potential: For many victims of car accidents working absences become an ongoing issue when serious injuries hinder a returning to the workplace. Compensation for the loss of earning potential will help pay for the expenses. At the same time, you recover or allow yourself to receive the necessary training or certification required for a new kind of job.
  • The pain and suffering: Car accident injuries can cause significant physical discomfort and pain. Furthermore, you may suffer mental and emotional trauma due to the injuries you sustained. In claiming compensation for the pain and suffering, most victims conceive the funds they require to rebuild their lives following an auto crash.

What is the process for recovering compensation for Bronx car accident injuries?

Most people will find that the process begins by hiring an experienced, knowledgeable Bronx attorney for car accidents. Once hired, the lawyer will develop a strategy to assist Bronx victims of car accidents in receiving the most compensation they are entitled to following New York law.

The process may involve:

  • Investigating into the accidents to establish which reckless decisions or actions led to the accident and the amount of damage the victim is entitled to. Sometimes there are multiple parties, or the company is obligated to the victim. A knowledgeable attorney will typically seek to determine which person could be liable since each entity is an opportunity to pay damages.
  • They are negotiating with defense attorneys and insurance companies to secure compensation for injuries suffered by the victim and loss. However, not all Bronx injuries from car accidents are resolved by negotiating a settlement, wherein the parties responsible (and the insurance firms they represent) make payments to the victim, and the victim releases them from liability in the future.
  • The process of bringing an instance in the Bronx County courtroom if negotiations fail to result in an acceptable and fair settlement for the Bronx car crash victim’s claim. Professionally trained lawyers handle every case to be heard in a courtroom. They ensure they don’t fall victim to naivete and are eager to present a client’s argument before a judge or jury.

Please speak to one of our experienced Bronx lawyers for car accidents now to discuss the best strategy to get compensation for the losses and injuries you have suffered.

What evidence does my Bronx car accident attorney need to prove my case?

Each case is unique. There is no one type of evidence attorneys will require. In most Bronx automobile accidents, the following pieces of evidence typically have significance in defending a claim for damages.

Our Bronx lawyers for car accidents generally try to seek this type of evidence, but if you have the opportunity to gather it, you should do it.

  • Official police reports about the incident;
  • Images of the scene of the accident that show the destruction to both vehicles;
  • Names and contact details for people who witnessed and the initial responders of an accident;
  • The documentation of the costs incurred in the accident, including medical bills and auto repair bills, insurance company statements, as well as receipts for all expenses that due to the accident;

Sometimes, attorneys also collaborate with experts to assist in the development of a legal claim. Specialists in the reconstruction of accidents could, for instance, examine the causes of the accident and determine who is at fault. Financial planners can help in calculating how much funds a Bronx automobile accident victim requires to cover the cost of future costs.

The most secure way to ensure that your lawyer will collect the evidence you require to support the damages you suffered is to get an attorney as quickly as you can following the Bronx accident. Every day the important evidence can disappear. Take action now to ensure you have the best chance to get the cash you deserve.

Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a lawyer for car accidents, I’ve had many opportunities to discuss the reasons behind accidents with clients I’ve represented.
Like many cities with a high density of residents, accident-related car accidents are not unusual within the Bronx. A recent study found 525 car owners were injured due to traffic accidents in the Bronx, and six crashes caused fatalities.

Sometimes, multiple causes can cause car accidents. According to studies, driver carelessness and distraction are the most frequent reason for car accidents that result in injury or death for victims in New York City.
The second most frequent reason for car accidents is when vehicles follow other vehicles too close. The third most frequently cited cause is a driver’s refusal to give way to the rights of the way.

More details:

  • Driving distracted. More than 18,000 or about four per cent of all traffic crashes in New York City in 2017 resulted from distracted driving. It’s possible to think that these accidents are the result of the use of mobile phones; however, that’s not the situation. The DMV says that texts and mobile phone use caused only 172 crashes. Most distracted driving crashes result from the driver’s eyes being away from the road because they’re checking the GPS of their vehicle, eating food, looking for something inside their car or looking at another roadside accident or other incident.
  • Inability to yield. Almost 10,000 accidents on New York City roadways were caused by drivers who did not obey yield warnings and caused an accident. Even though it is among the most common violations of traffic laws that lead to accidents, motorists who fail to stay in the right direction or perform incorrect lane changes can also result in motor vehicle accidents. Inability to yield can lead to various accidents in parking lots, particularly when the right-of-way isn’t always evident.
  • The act of following too closely. Following another vehicle too closely is frequently associated with accidents that result from speeds. More than 11,000 New York City traffic accidents in 2017 occurred due to a driver chasing the car in front of them. Around one-third of all car accidents all over the country are rear-end collisions, making them the most frequent kind of accident. While certain collisions and their causes can be difficult to establish, determining the cause of rear-end accidents is usually straightforward.
  • Driving while under the influence. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs is a regular accident causing factor for cars everywhere, including New York City. Accidents involving alcohol are among the most common. In 2017, nearly 1600 crashes of cars on New York City’s streets included alcohol. Sometimes, those who are impaired are responsible for collisions that result in hit-and-run as they leave the scene of the accident due to a lack of focus or are concerned about being caught with alcohol or drugs in their system.

How much will a car accident lawyer cost you?

Deposits in car collision cases could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. A lawyer‘s contingent cost is determined by subtracting any retainer amount from the settlement at the end of the suit. The contingency fee is 33 per cent. Therefore we’ll take a retainer of $1,000 for an illustration. Therefore, if the plaintiff is awarded $35,000

What are some common causes of Bronx car accidents?

The NYPD accidents’ most frequent cause of Bronx car accident reports cited driving or driver inattention. Driver distraction is anything that distracts the driver’s attention away from their vehicle, or hands away from the steering wheel, or distracts their mind off the driving. Of all the distractions to driving, such as texting, it’s the most frequent and risky due to the reduction of eye-sight and manual and cognitive focus.
Other causes common to a motor accident in the Bronx are speeding, tailgating and the refusal to yield the right of way. No matter the cause of the injury, An experienced lawyer will help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Who is the best personal injury lawyer?

>> Experience in the Area of Law Relevant to Your Case.
>> Research an Attorney or Law Firm’s Reputation.
>> Proximity to You.
>> Schedule a Free Initial Consultation to Discuss Your Case.
>> Ease of Access and Open Communication.
>> Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Will Fight for You.

How long will my Bronx car accident injury case take?

It could be different. Most variables that influence the time frame for the Bronx car accident injury claim are outside of the lawyer or the victims. But one thing you can control is the moment you meet with your lawyer in the very first instance. The sooner you get that done, the faster you’ll be on the road to asserting your rights and coming to the fairest resolution to your case.

Do I really need a Bronx car accident lawyer?

Don’t believe anyone who claims that you can represent yourself. You can’t. We’ve seen people attempt, and it’s not attractive. It’s tragic. The people who try to handle without a lawyer’s help almost always have more money than they could have ever needed to share with an attorney. The worst part is that the truth in our law system is that nobody–no insurance company, defence lawyer, juror, judge or any other person who claims to represent themselves seriously. This is a huge mistake. Could you not do it?


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